What is our Loyalty Scheme?

Further discounts can be enjoyed by our loyal customers on specific products and services. Reading through the following information gives you a clear idea what this scheme entails.

How do I join?

After going through the Loyalty Scheme Information and Rules below, kindly fill in the following form.

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Loyalty Scheme Information and Rules

A Gift Voucher valid for 3 months calculated to the value of 5% of the total purchases (excluding VAT) effected between 1st January till 30th June and 1st July till 31st December (Term 1 and Term 2 respectively) will be issued twice yearly subject to the following:

a.) Purchases qualifying for the Loyalty Scheme include all Stationery items, Photocopies, Cards, Binding, Laminations and Books(excluding foreign text books). Not included in the loyalty scheme are purchases of Telecards, Mobile Top up Cards, Cigarettes and Postage Stamps.

b.) The Loyalty Scheme does not include purchases with “Special Offers” which are offered from time to time. This also applies to purchases whereby a discount of over 10% on the recommended retail price is given.

c.) The Loyalty Scheme becomes effective subject to the purchase of a minimum of Eur 115.00 value of goods (excluding VAT) qualifying for the scheme in any one term (that is either 1st January till 30th June or 1st July till 31st December).

d.) Gift Vouchers will be issued on the 31st July for Term 1 and 31st January for Term 2. The Gift Voucher, when being exchanged for goods, does not qualify for the Loyalty Scheme.

e.) Termination of Loyalty Scheme will be communicated via advert within the retail outlet.

f.) The Gift Voucher cannot be exchange for cash.

g.) Purchases within one term are not transferred to any other term.

h.) Clients are to pass on their membership number at cash point for purchases to be included within Loyalty Scheme. It is to be noted that if membership number is not forwarded at time of purchase, the purchase would not be included in the scheme and it would not be possible for such purchase to be included within the scheme at a later stage.

i.) The Loyalty Scheme applies only for purchases on cash basis (that is payment by cash/cheque/credit cards/smart card) at point of purchase. Sales on invoice do not qualify for the scheme.


Loyal clients will receive emails, mailshots and other marketing material, continuously updating our clients with products, services and special offers accordingly.

Should you wish not to receive such material, please inform us on info@copyquickpaola.com, so as to unsubscribe your details, and we will abide accordingly.